Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Some NSFW Christmas Gifts

Well, after one of these got uploaded (another was a safe variant), I figured "Eh, time to upload these things onto my blog." So yeah, here we go.

First up, I got one for Rysenkari.:

No worries, Heather. They'll let you join in on the fun.Of course the pic itself is old, so of course it would be crappy.

Now, here's the NSFW version of Aravivelez's request.:
Of course that one tattoo was sort of because Janis (girl on the left) looked kind of slutty, but whatevs. That's sort of what this blog shows. Of course after this was posted, the requester sort of wanted more of her.

Up next is the NSFW version of Gianna156's request.
Note to self: make the eyelashes fuller next time.

As for ShonenJump4Eva's request...:
 Oh, lord. That background looked crappy. It looks like a Johnny Test animator drew it.

Lastly, there's ThunderFoxJT's request.:
I should work on Lindsay's eyes a bit more. Honestly, that's the best background I've ever created without using a Total Drama or Grojband episode for references. The table was a doozy, really.

Well, there ya have it. Happy Holidays!

Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

More Ponygirl Action

So yeah, you know the pic that was requested by Zetastrophenow/Irrespondible that involved Lindsay, Heather, Courtney, and Zoey in some blind ponygirl race? Well, before that, he asked for a ponygirl pic of Bridgette, Gwen, Dawn, and Zoey of the same nature, only that I started it when it was close to Christmas. So yeah, unlike the last one, which would be one of the challenges if Total Drama All Stars was made more sexual, this one was sort of done when Gwen or Bridgette suggested about doing something kinky with Dawn and Zoey. Here's the pic.:

Of course since all four girls are bound and gagged, there had to be a fifth girl who bound and gagged the last girl. Perhaps it was Courtney, who is friends with Bridgette and perhaps Gwen, or maybe it was Heather because Gwen is her sex slave and Heather is Gwen's mistress. Honestly, I think Gwen's BDSM relationship with Heather is way better than their Total Drama relationship, probably because BSDM is more like a roleplay than a Survivor-related competition. Well, there ya have it.

Requests are available, just click on the "Contact" button and fill out the first form.

Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Heather's Mother.... Is Her Sex Slave?

Well, I was looking through Paheal.net, and I was like "What? There's no Rule 34 art of Heather's mother?", so I decided to, once again, take things into my own hands. So yeah, here's a pic of Heather dominating (or at least starting to) her mother.:

Can you guess why I named Heather's mom "Rachel"? Oh, and have a background as well:

Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

Some More Zoey

So yeah, I got some more Zoey for you guys. Yeah, this was a bit of pose practice, but what the hey. Anyhoo, here's the pic.:

Of course I'm a bit iffy on the legs, whether it's the thickness of the thighs or the length of the second part of the legs, but it'll work out.

Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

Analyzing The TD Girls' Breast Sizes

So yeah, I decided to do a little pixel-scaling to determine the breast sizes of the girls from Total Drama. Since the girls are too thin to have any form of realisticness and they aren't even three-dimensional, I used the elliptical (oval-based if you don't know what you're reading) calculations to determine their sizes. This is basically what I got.:

Character: UK size/US size/EU size
Lindsay: H/J/M
Heather: DD or E/D or DD/F
Courtney: DD or E/D or DD/F
Bridgette: C/B/C (Seemingly DD-cup in UK measurements when her swimwear is viewed from the normal view.)
Gwen: DD/D/E
Izzy: DD/D/E
Katie: D/C/D
Blaineley: F/DDD/H
Anne Maria:  F/DDD/H
Zoey: C/B/C 
Dakota: DD/D/E 
Dawn: D/C/D
Beth:  B or C/A or B/B
Jo: C/B/C
Eva: G/H/J
Sierra: DD/D/E or F
Leshawna: E/DD/F or G
Sadie: D/C/D
Staci: B or C/A or B/B

Yep, after a bit of calculating, these would be the approximate cup sizes of the girls of Total Drama. Of course due to the girls' heights, body widths, and band sizes, one set of breasts may look larger or smaller than another set of the same cup size. Other than that, there ya have it.

Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

Looking Back At A Few Things

Well, I was looking through my artwork on Paheal.net, and I was counting everything I have done in terms of NSFW art, minus a couple of edits and a few...... variants *cough*futanariisweird*cough*, and this is what I got.

Total Drama (listed as "Total Drama Island"): 27 (excluding variants, edits, dupes, and that one sketch I colored)
Grojband: 7 (excluding that one edit and that one dupe.)
Other: 4

Gwen (Total Drama): 9 (excluding both edits)
Courtney (Total Drama): 9
Lindsay (Total Drama): 7 (excluding one variant and that one sketch I colored)
Heather (Total Drama): 6 (excluding that one sketch I colored)
Fan-characters (Varies, but requires/required at least one canon character): 5 (no specifics)
Zoey (Total Drama): 4
Bridgette (Total Drama): 2
Carrie Beff (Grojband): 2
Dawn (Total Drama): 2
Izzy (Total Drama): 2
Jo (Total Drama): 2 (excluding variants)
Laney Penn (Grojband): 2
Mina Beff (Grojband): 2
Trina Riffin *cough*Satan*cough* (Grojband): 2
Everyone else I've drawn: 1 each (excluding variants)

Yeah, that's what I've drawn so far as of the time I wrote this post, and this was just what I've posted on Paheal.net.

Now, as for the cast of Total Drama, I'm expecting 7 new girls on the menu, six which I would consider to be hot, leading up to 18 out of 26 girls that would actually be considered "hotties." Basically, this is how I got things down.:
  1. Gwen: Yeah, I highly doubt this is disputable.
  2. Courtney: Well, it's a simple equation: Cute Girl plus Big Boobs (DD-cup to be precise)=Win
  3. Heather: Well, she is hot for one thing. With all reality, I think it's rather disputable whether Courtney or Heather are hotter than the latter.
  4. Lindsay: This would also have a low chance of dispute. It's fifth spot and lower where things get disputable. Of course Lindsay has the largest cup size, which happens to be G-cup (UK Standards).
  5. Zoey: Another one of these cute girls. Of course Zoey takes the #5 spot for me. Of course if this was a cuteness rating, I'd put Zoey as #1.
  6. Bridgette: Yeah, her facial appearance is almost similar to Gwen's, even though they both have differently-shaped heads. Of course Bridgette's boobs are likely the same size as Heather's (D-cups).
  7. Sky: What can I say? Though I think she's the hottest of the new girls, I still think Zoey and Bridgette are hotter.
  8. Blaineley: I think she's the hottest of the underrated girls. Though I think she stalemates with Bridgette, I'd might as well split this up a little.
  9. Ella: Well, she is a cute one, soo...
  10. Amy and Samey: Really, it's a stalemate between these girls and Dawn.
  11. Dawn: Well, she's a cutie, I'll hand ya that, but I think Zoey's cuter, plus Blaineley and Bridgette are both sexy.
  12. Scarlett: Although I couldn't actually get a clear inkling of her appearance, I'm guessing that she'd be around here.
  13. Anne Maria: Though I believe she stalemates with Dakota, something about the Snooki business made me put her above Dakota. Of course Anne Maria has DD-cup boobs and hips as large as Katie's.
  14. Dakota: Once again, Anne Maria had me. Of course I still think Dakota is hot.
  15. Jasmine: She's still hot, so shut it.
  16. Katie: What can I say? She's the shinier shoe of the pair.
  17. Izzy: Yeah, rather lowbrow move, but what can I say?
  18. Leshawna: Yeah, I think Leshawna is hot for a chubby female. Of course even though Leshawna is basically my 2nd favorite Total Drama character, it's rather doubtful that I'll dream about the chubby.
  19. Staci: Yeah, I know she's munchin' up shrooms or something, but I think she's hot for a chubby female also.
  20. Jo: Meh, what can I say?
  21. Sierra: Well, even though she's as tall as LeBron James (which Vaultman most likely by mistake didn't take into consideration in his bondage set), I don't think she's too attractive. I think she's more around Jo or somethin'.
  22. Sadie: Another one of these chubby girls. I don't really have anything to say.
  23. Sugar: Basically, she's the ugliest of the chubbier girls.
  24. Beth: Well, she probably got an appearance that'll most likely get her teased or something, but she's cute for a nerd, a chubby nerd in fact.
  25. Eva: Jeez Louise! She looks like as if Jennifer Mosley from Ned's Declassified (Yes, Lindsey Shaw is a good-looking actress, but I'm trying to make a point here) mutated with the King from the CD-I Zelda Games. 
Next up, there's the matter of requests. While I won't get the Christmas gifts finished on time, I'll withdraw any that has not been done before because basically, doing a Christmas gift after Christmas would be moodkill, plus I have some commissions to do (people pay a good amount of points for the stuff I do). Of course I'm running out of ideas, so I'm going to encourage you all to click on the "Contact" button because requests are "Capital O" open.

Lastly, there's the long polls. Normally, I would choose to either take polls off of the front page at either 50 or 100 views or if the poll(s) were to become one-sided, but for the long polls (which are found by clicking on the button that says "Long Polls" or the October blog archive), I'm kind of looking for a lower amount: Only 20. This is because these kinds of polls take more time than the polls I normally make, so 20 would make things easier.

Well, there ya have it, folks.

Rabu, 27 November 2013

Adult Artwork and Me

Exerpt from my Newgrounds profile: "You see, while 80% of the adult crap I post appears fetish-y, I don't actually make them straight-up porn. What I usually do is add a little something to those silly things. For instance, if you've seen that pic of some of the girls from the Total Drama series blindfolded as ponygirls, you'd see that from left to right would be how they're ordered by when they were eliminated in the 5th season. As for the one before it, I placed Heather with Lindsay, as they were in an alliance in the first season. It's like a "Let the people think for a moment" kind of thing." While I uploaded the first ponygirl pic containing Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoey (as in all four being together) before the later one (all four being blindfolded as ponygirls), I just wanted to say that just because my art looks pornographic doesn't mean it's 100% pornographic. Just saying.

Minggu, 24 November 2013

Goth Girl Sex

Yeah, I wanted to draw some porn with both Laney and Gwen since they're both goth girls, so here ya go.:

Of course Laney's head looks far larger than Gwen even though Gwen's one foot (plus 100 micrometers) taller than Laney, but it's because of the art style used for Laney.

Kamis, 21 November 2013

A Kinky Challenge

Well, here's another Total Drama ponygirl pic.:
Yeah, this was requested by :iconzetastrophenow:, who is known everywhere else as "Irrespondible." So here's the scoop.:

You know this pic?: http://flashlight237.deviantart.com/art/Preview-Hot-Antagonistic-Ponies-409342134

Well, here's the thing. The first challenge was about ponygirl domination, so each team was given one hour of domination time, which was split up over two hours. Since Zoey and Lindsay are the only two hotties on the Hamsters, they were automatically pulled into the challenge, but to even things out, the Hamsters got to choose two hot girls on the Vultures. They chose Heather and Courtney. Since Courtney is on the Vultures, Duncan would by process of elimination be on the Hamsters. All four girls were then taken to a hidden room in the spa hotel, which is basically loaded with S&M gear. The Hamsters got first shot at domination, which lead to the events in the linked picture. When their hour was up, the Heather and Courtney were unbound and ungagged, only for Lindsay and Zoey to be bound and gagged later.

After the time was over for the Vultures, Chris delivered the results of the challenge. The Vultures won in domination, but the Hamsters overtook the Vultures in submission, so it's a 1-1. After that, Courtney and Heather were bound and gagged again by Chris's interns, and all four were blindfolded. All four were then taken to the coast of the island. The challenge for Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoewy was a blind ponygirl race, but guess what? The challenge is not based on who wins the race, but on what team got the most 1st and 2nd place bets right. Oddly enough, this went for the other five members of each team. This was what they went for:

Heroic Hamsters:
Cameron: Zoey (1) and Lindsay (2)
Duncan: Courtney and Lindsay
Mike: Zoey and Heather (Heather was suggested by Manitoba Smith)
Sam: Zoey and Lindsay
Sierra: Courtney and Heather

Villianous Vultures:
Alejandro: Heather (1) and Courtney (2)
Gwen: Courtney (Why not? She was trying to make amends with Courtney at the start of the season.) and Zoey
Jo: Zoey and Courtney
Lightning: Lindsay and Courtney
Scott: Courtney and Zoey

As stated by the brackets, they were ordered 1st then 2nd.

Duncan, Lightning, and Scott enjoyed seeing the girls naked, bound, and gagged, Sierra is capturing every moment of the race on video for her blog, Jo was talking about how she worked out in the nude and how bondage doesn't fit aerobic exercise, Alejandro was both attracted to Heather and concerned by the situation, Cameron, Gwen, and Sam are questioning as to why Chris would show that on Live TV (although Gwen was intrigued by the fetishism), and last but not least, Mike, or should I say Chester, was yapping about how BDSM didn't exist back in his day. Kind of stupid since I theorized that Chester was born in 1932 and Robert Bienvenu stated two sources of the origin of modern BDSM from 1928 (European Fetish) and 1934 (American Fetish).

Well, there ya have it, folks. By the way, the reward for the challenge is that the winning team gets to have the two girls from the losing team for 24 hours.

Rabu, 13 November 2013

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Porn

Well, Rule #34 says "If it exists, there's porn of it," so I'd might as well get this done. Yep, here are some girls from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Topher does look screwed up, but that's because the only view of him shown is his normal view, so the front view will look off, at the very least by width. Anyways, BEHOLD! The first Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Rule 34 pic!

What? I thought Sky was a Native American.

By the way, if you'd like a request, click on the Contact button at the top of the page.

Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

Just Dominating a Couple of Ponygirls

Yeah, this is the first request I did for a Blogspot user. The user usually goes by the name Irrespondible, but on DeviantART, he is known as Zetastrophenow. Here, we have Zoey and Lindsay dominating ponygirls Courtney and Heather. Is it me, or does Courtney look adorable as a ponygirl? Anyhoo, I have Courtney turned to where her ass is showing because basically the camera crew always focuses the camera on her ass. Yeah, I'm trying the same thing I did for my NSFW Grojband fanart for the boobs of the TD girls. What do you think is better? This or the boobs that I've used on older Total Drama pieces? If you'd like a request, click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page and fill out the first form.

Also, check out the four latest polls. Two are normal polls while two are surveys/long polls. For the longer polls, click on the "Surveys" button at the top of the page and fill out each answer.

Also, for the red Total Drama yuri shipping poll, you should use the Other button for the ship(s) that you don't see.

Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

The Long-Ass Polls

Yeah, in case you feel like doing these polls from the Front Page, here they are.:

In case you don't see them here' there's always the "Surveys" button at the top of the page.

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Two New Polls

Well, I've created two new polls. One of the polls has to do with Total Drama yuri while the other one has to do with the girls of Total Drama Pahkitew Island. The yuri poll is in red while the other poll is in blue. Also, there is a button that says "Other" on the yuri poll. There are 650 possible ships, and only 13 of them are listed, so if there is a ship that you don't see in the poll, PLEASE click on the button that says "Other." If you could leave your answer for "Other," you may do that as a comment on this post, a post on the contact form (which is below the request form), or as an Email to my address. Well, there you have it, folks. For the Pahkitew Island poll, I went with Sky. For the Yuri poll, I went with GwenxHeather, GwenxCourtney, HeatherxLindsay, CourtneyxHeather, LindsayxBeth, ZoeyxAnne Maria, KatiexSadie, AmyxSamey, and BridgettexGwen.

Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013

Another Poll's Results Are In

Well, I've gotten more poll results. This time, it's for the poll about whether people like yaoi and/or yuri or not. This time, I went with 50 votes instead of 100 due to the landslide in yuri votes. Here they are.

1. Yuri: 36 votes
2. Both: 8 votes
3. Neither: 4 votes
4. Yaoi: 2 votes

Well, there ya go.

Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Well, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island's Cast is Revealed

Well, the new characters for Total Drama are revealed. Here's the storyboard if you ask.: http://www.scribd.com/doc/172602730/Total-Drama-Phakitew-Island-Season-5-Ep-105-Uh-So-This-is-My-Team-Act-II

What do you guys think of this?

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Next Poll Results

Well, the next set of poll results are in. This time, it's for the poll asking about Total Drama girls as sex slaves. Here are the results.

1. Lindsay: 31 voters (I guess you guys love to have a girl with big tits as a sex slave.)
2. Gwen: 30 voters (Well, she's the hottest girl on the show, I'll give you that.)
3. Courtney: 27 voters (She's a major hottie, I'll give you that.)
4. Bridgette: 23 voters (Who wouldn't want a relaxed, warm-hearted hottie like her as a sex slave?)
5. Heather: 22 voters (Hey, she might have the tightest pussy, so why not?)
6. Izzy: 19 voters (I'm warning you, she's totally random, so chances are she's probably sex-crazed.)
7. Zoey: 19 voters (I recommend gagging her with a nice, red ball gag.)
8. Dawn: 18 voters (She may be small, but she's still hot.)
9. Blaineley: 10 voters (Underrated hottie, here.)
10. Sierra: 10 voters (She's only good if she thinks you're Cody.)
11. Anne Maria: 8 voters (At least she got some big hips.)
12. Dakota: 8 voters (At least she's hot, except for that crazy-ass case of cancer.)
13. Katie: 7 voters (Yep, another underrated hottie)
14. Beth: 5 voters (Well, at least she's cuter than Eva)
15. Leshawna: 5 voters (Realistically, she doesn't "roll that way")
16. Sadie: 5 voters (Well, she's chubby.)
17. Jo: 4 voters (Eh.)
18. Staci: 1 voter (Well, she rambles all the time, but at least she's hot for a chubby girl, plus you could always gag her.)
19. Eva: 1 voter (Finally, she's in last?! About time you folks were reasonable about Eva. She makes Cloverfield look like Jennifer Lopez.)
Average votes per voter: 2.53 votes

Well, there you have it. I hope you guys check out the other polls.

Some CarriexLarry

So, if there is some CoreyxLaney Rule 34 pics, then why isn't there any of CarriexLarry? So yeah, this is a pic of Carrie and Larry doing it doggy-style. I had to make Larry's legs longer than normal for posing reasons (much like what they did with Trina's left arm when she blasted Grojband to some random boneyard with an amplifier). So yeah, here ya go.:

What? Someone had to do it eventually.

Sabtu, 28 September 2013


Well, I decided to make another post about this. If you wish to have a request at least looked over, feel free to click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page and fill out the information in the first form.

Jumat, 27 September 2013

Antagonist Bondage + Two New Polls

So yeah, I decided to make some Rule 34 on one of the Newmans (because the members of Rule 34 are too lazy to do so), and I had this idea where the antagonists of the show Grojband were bound and gagged, which led to this pic.:
I added their siblings, Mina and Corey, as well. Trina's is obvious, but Carrie happens to be Mina's sister and Trina's punching bag (because that is NOT how you treat a friend, let alone a best friend.).

I've also added two more polls to the mix. Both are black and white and both involve Grojband girls. Of course the black poll is darker, as expected, since black and red are fetish colors. The white one isn't necessarily as visible, though, so the black words do help. Okay, there ya have it.

Of course for the white poll, I voted for Mina, mainly because she's adorable.
For the black poll, I went with the groupies because they seem to do AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYTHING Grojband tells them to do, Laney because she's, well, another goth girl, and Mina because of how adorable she is.

Senin, 09 September 2013

Popping Cherry

So yeah, I got some more Grojband art for you folks. Yeah, here's Cherry Grapestain.:

Yeah, she's a cutie (though she's not as adorable as Mina).

Jumat, 06 September 2013

About Cherry Grapestain

So yeah, I've got a few of you folks coming here looking for some pics of Cherry Grapestain from Grojband. Don't worry, I'll get one up whenever I find an opening. Of course I would need to get the wikia article about her fixed up so it wouldn't be too difficult to find any references.

Kamis, 05 September 2013

Just a Commission I Received.

Well, I got this as a commission a month ago, and I thought about posting it for some time now, so here ya go.:

Yeah, the artwork belongs to Tesuai (note her watermark on the lower-left corner). This is Jessica, an OC I bought from another person, who goes by the name Slendey. I also bought her daughter, Alice, from the same person. I like the tattoos on her butt as well. Of course I'll have to remind someone that she has hearts at that spot if I ever ask to have her wearing a bikini. Well, here ya go. One hot MILF.

Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

Laney Meets Horatio?

Well, I thought about giving Laney some artwork, so here's some.:
Yeah, Laney's been kidnapped by my old pervert, Horatio. Yeah, Horatio could tell if someone's a girl just by sight, which explains why he nabbed Laney. Problem is: She ain't got no boobs. I might need to work on perspective, really. So, who's worse? Horatio or Trina?

Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013

Poll Updated

Well, I updated one of the polls. If you ask which one, it's the Grojband poll. Yeah, I haven't necessarily thought about the Newmans, so I went back and updated the poll. Of course it required making a new poll since the site doesn't necessarily let users edit the answers of created polls.Of course I also added Cherry Grapestain in there since I figured that a cute girl like her could use some Rule 34 as well. Well, if you answered on the old version of the poll, I recommend answering this poll again because of the new options. I still went with Laney and Mina (who's cuter than Trina), but I also went with Cherry Grapestain (if you've seen the first segment of the first episode, you'll know who she is) since, well, she's hot for Chrissake. Anyhoo, enjoy, folks.

Of course I do not know who Cherry Grapestain's voice actor was, but I'm guessin' it's Rachel Wilson (Heather's voice actor). I dunno.

Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

New Poll Posted

Well, I've made another new poll. This time, it's asking about Rule 34 for Grojband girls. Yeah, it was gonna be single-answer, but I went with making it a multiple-answer poll in the event that someone were to pick more than one girl. Hopefully, you guys have holy water and a cross with you. Maybe it'll protect you from Trina. If that doesn't work, you can always call the Kids Next Door. They could help you. By the way, vote on the purple poll as well. Okay, that's all, folks.

By the way, I went with Laney and Mina. Lol, I couldn't tell who's cuter. Also, I think Mina's cuter than Trina.

Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

Another New Poll

Well, I've made another new poll for you folks. This time, I'm asking which of the Total Drama girls are likely to have a bondage fetish. It's a blue-violet poll, and it's on the right side of the page. There's plenty of other polls, to go around, so check those out as well. Enjoy!

By the way, I chose Anne Maria, Blaineley, Courtney, Dawn, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay, and Zoey.

Naughty or Nice

Well, this was a Christmas gift made for a DeviantART user named Sashatdi. Here, we have her fan-characters, Sasha and Taylor (there's a good reason why I use "Taylor" instead of "Tayloris"), with Noah and Duncan respectively. For Noah, Sasha has him in her arms while he's holding a sign saying "Help!" Yeah, realistically, he doesn't love anyone, so there's some in-character business there. Duncan on the other hand made Taylor a sex slave of his, much to her willingness. What? Did you think they'd go vanilla? Well, here's the pic.:

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

More Poll Results Are In

Well, the fetish poll has now hit 100 voters. Let's see how things went.:

  1. Futanari: 39 (Funny since there's plenty of futanari-bashing going on at Paheal.net)
  2. Bondage: 37 (It's funny how that lost the #1 spot. Many people come to my profile for bondage art.)
  3. Oral Sex: 31 (I guess people just like blowjobs.)
  4. Boobs: 30 (There's plenty of boobs to look at here.)
  5. Nudity: 27 (Odd since this blog is full of nude cartoon girls.)
  6. Yaoi and/or Yuri: 24 (So far, the majority of those who voted on the yaoi/yuri poll went with yuri.)
  7. Diapers: 23 (Are you guys trying to creep me out?)
  8. Petplay and/or Ponyplay: 20 (Funny since petplay and ponyplay are part of BDSM.)
  9. Titfucks: 20 (Come on. It's just sticking a penis between a girl's boobs.)
  10. Uniforms: 19 (Have you guys ever seen those French Maid and Schoolgirl outfits before?)
  11. Anal Sex: 18 (Better clean that thing up.)
  12. Furries: 16 (Why animals?)
  13. Hypnotism: 16 (Wouldn't people interested in some of the Kaa art be interested in this as well?)
  14. Sadism and/or Masochism: 14 (Um, aren't both of them part of S&M?)
  15. Tickling: 14 (Probably the most popular tame fetish on the list.)
  16. Feet: 12 (It's funny how this got the 15th spot since it was listed as the most common fetish.)
  17. Impregnation: 9 (Doesn't raw-dog sex cause this?)
  18. Lactation: 9 (Ever heard of breast milk?)
  19. Penises: 8 (Apparently, most of the people who come here are dudes.)
  20. Guro: 7 (Why the heck did seven of the 100 people choose this?)
  21. Inflation and/or Hyperphilia: 6 (Both are painful, so yeah.)
  22. Watersports: 6 (Urine? Really?)
  23. Bestiality: 5 (Animals? Again?)
  24. Asphyxia/Breathplay: 4 (Because who wants to sufficate?)
  25. Confectionaries/Food: 4 (I bet these people haven't seen food or dessert pin-ups before.)
  26. Death: 3 (There's plenty pics of naked girls hanged for some reason.)
  27. Miniature People/Microphilia: 3 (Isn't this one of those tamer fetishes?)
  28. Other: 2 (One person who clicked this said "Crossdressing" while the other person who clicked on it said "Ass".
  29. Giants/Macrophilia: 1 (Another tame fetish left out. It's a shame.)
  30. Scat/Feces/Poo: 1 (Do you know that pathogenic bacteria lives in that stuff?)
  31. Average Amount of Fetishes: 4.28 per person (More likely 4, less likely 5)
Well, there's the results. There are more polls on the right side of the page. The green polls are still waiting for votes, but the yuri poll, the pink Total Drama poll, and the maroon Total Drama poll are still waiting as well. Be sure to vote on those as well.

Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013


Is it me, or does Blogger have a problem with drag-and-drop images?

Jumat, 26 Juli 2013

Hot Hole Action. No Really, That Hole's Got A Cock.

Yeah, maybe I should've started off without the cum, but hey, I wanted to play around and see how Paint Tool Sai could create some decent-looking cum. Yeah, here ya go.:

Yep, hot cartoon bitch+perverted artist=hot cartoon porn. Yyyep.