Rabu, 29 Mei 2013

My Thoughts on TDI Girls' Breast Sizes

Yeah, I've had been thinking of this for a while, and, well, here's what I think the breast sizes for the TD girls are. Note that the cup sizes are determined in terms of UK measurements.:

Anne Maria: Large band size, DD-cups
Beth: Large band size, B-cups
Blaineley: Normal band size, D-cups
Bridgette: Normal band size, D-cups
Courtney: Mid-Large band size, DD-cups
Dakota: Small band size, C-cups
Dawn: Normal band size, B/C-cups
Eva (Who looks like a Human/Ganon offspring): Large band size, D-cups
Gwen: Normal band size, C-cups
Heather: Normal band size, D-cups
Izzy: Normal band size, probably D-cups
Jo: Large band size, A/B-cups (A in European measurements)
Katie: Mid-Large band size, B-cups
Leshawna: Extra Large band size, C/D cups.
Lindsay: Small band size, G-cups (J in European measurements)
Sadie: Extra Large band size, D-cups
Sierra: Normal (for her immense height) band size, C-cups
Staci: Extra Large band size, C-cups
Zoey: Normal band size, B/C-cups

Well, there ya go.

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