Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

My Thoughts on Who's The Hottest Total Drama Chick

Well, I thought this through for a little, and well, I'd like to state who I think would be the hottest of the 19 TD girls. Here's my thoughts.

1. Gwen: Yeah, I highly doubt this is disputable.
2. Courtney: Well, it's a simple equation: Cute Girl plus Big Boobs (DD-cup to be precise)=Win
3. Heather: Well, she is hot for one thing. With all reality, I think it's rather disputable whether Courtney or Heather are hotter than the latter.
4. Lindsay: This would also have a low chance of dispute. It's fifth spot and lower where things get disputable. Of course Lindsay has the largest cup size, which happens to be G-cup (UK Standards).
5. Zoey: Another one of these cute girls. Of course Zoey takes the #5 spot for me.
6. Bridgette: Yeah, her facial appearance is almost similar to Gwen's, even though they both have differently-shaped heads. Of course Bridgette's boobs are likely the same size as Heather's (D-cups).
7. Blaineley: I think she's the hottest of the underrated girls. Though I think she stalemates with Bridgette, I'd might as well split this up a little.
8. Dawn: Well, she's a cutie, I'll hand ya that, but I think Zoey's cuter, plus Blaineley and Bridgette are both sexy.
9. Anne Maria: Though I believe she stalemates with Dakota, something about the Snooki business made me put her above Dakota. Of course Anne Maria has DD-cup boobs and hips as large as Katie's.
10. Dakota: Once again, Anne Maria had me. Of course I still think Dakota is hot.
11. Katie: What can I say? She's the shinier shoe of the pair.
12. Izzy: Yeah, rather lowbrow move, but what can I say?
13. Leshawna: Yeah, I think Leshawna is hot for a chubby female. Of course even though Leshawna is basically my 2nd favorite Total Drama character, it's rather doubtful that I'll dream about the chubby.
14. Staci: Yeah, I know she's munchin' up shrooms or something, but I think she's hot for a chubby female also.
15. Jo: Meh, what can I say?
16. Sierra: Well, even though she's as tall as LeBron James (which Vaultman most likely by mistake didn't take into consideration in his bondage set), I don't think she's too attractive. I think she's more around Jo or somethin'.
17. Sadie: Another one of these chubby girls. I don't really have anything to say.
18. Beth: Well, she probably got an appearance that'll most likely get her teased or something, but she's cute for a nerd, a chubby nerd in fact.
19. Eva: Jeez Louise! She looks like as if Jennifer Mosley from Ned's Declassified (Yes, Lindsey Shaw is a good-looking actress, but I'm trying to make a point here) mutated with the King from the CD-I Zelda Games.

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