Rabu, 12 Juni 2013

Something Extra

Well, I edited an older pic of Gwen as a sex slave. Yeah, along with making her a shemale, I made a few fixes on the lips. Here it is.


Hay is for Horses, or Is It?

Well, I got another pic with alts. Here it is.:

And for those who aren't into hyperphilia, you might want to stop here. Otherwise, go on.

The last one's gotta hurt.

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

New Poll

Well, I made another poll for you guys. This time, it's asking about fetishes. This poll is also allows multiple answers, hence the statement "Choose ALL that apply." I hope you read the "Choose ALL that apply" statement before voting.

By the way, I chose Bondage, Boobs/Breasts, Futanari, Nudity, Petplay/Ponyplay, Uniform, and Yaoi/Yuri (Yuri's my answer between the two.)