Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Jealous Much? Also, Two New Polls

Yeah, this update will take a bit of reading to work through. First off, I was fiddling around with Grojband after making what would be the first bondage pic depicting any of the show's girls, which was that one kiriban prize awarded to Rysenkari. I was looking around on Rule 34 and basically, when I looked up Grojband on the site, ten pics were found, but seven of the ten pics have Laney (since she's a goth girl), while Corey and Trina are each found in two of the ten pics. Mina is only found in one pic, which is rather junky, while the others are left to bite the dust. I could see why, really. Kin looks like a creeper, Kon is basically Owen with a two-foot hairdo (he's seven feet tall from the tip of the hairdo down), and Mayor Mellow is some old radio DJ. Why Kate and Allie aren't there I don't even know, I mean there's got to be someone who imagined those two being in a lesbian relationship with each other. Then there's Nick Mallory. Surely Trina had some wet dream involving him one way or the other. Anyhoo, here's another pic involving Trina and Mina. Why Mina doesn't just acknowledge the fact that Trina's a complete dick and walk away is BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOND me!

Yeah, that monitor definitely looked like one made by Apple, so I added the Apple logo there. Also, here's Mina's pussy zoomed in four times (when referring to the 1280x960 image on Rule 34).:
Now for other news. You see, I've made two new polls. They're both green, but one's asking about binding methods while the other asks about gags. Be sure to vote on those if you have the time.

Now if you guys haven't noticed, I made a DeviantART account for the sake of posting bondage art. Here it is.: http://flashlight237bondage.deviantart.com

Okay, that's all folks.

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