Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

More Poll Results are In

Well, in one poll, I asked who is the most dominant chick of the Total Drama Girls. Speaking of, I'll have to revamp the Total Drama polls when season 6 is completed. Anyhoo, here are the results.:

  1. Heather: 27 (No surprise there.)
  2. Courtney: 15 (Who wouldn't want to suck on her boobs?)
  3. Gwen: 14
  4. Izzy: 13 (I guess crazy redhead=fetishist or something.)
  5. Anne Maria: 5 (I think she's more dominant than this, mainly since she's a Snooki clone.)
  6. Eva: 5 (Why choose the person whose ugliness would make bunnies cry?)
  7. Dakota: 4
  8. Zoey: 4 (Probably because the only time she'd dominate is if she went AWOL.)
  9. Bridgette: 3 (Lazy people not picking the hotties over Eva.)
  10. Leshawna: 3 (Are ya kidding? She's the most badass Total Drama character I've ever seen.)
  11. Lindsay: 3 (Probably because she's a complete idiot.)
  12. Beth: 2 (With all honesty, Beth is more likely to dominate Lindsay than Lindsay would to Beth.)
  13. Blaineley: 1 (Once again, choosing Eva over the hot girls.)
  14. Dawn: 1 (Hippie!)
  15. Jo: 0 (Wasn't Jane Lynch Sam Puckett's mom on one episode of iCarly?)
  16. Katie: 0 (Lazy people.)
  17. Sadie: 0
  18. Sierra: 0 (She beat up a fuckin' shark for Pete's sake!)
  19. Staci: 0 (Blah blah blah, yap yap yap.)
Well, there ya go, folks. I hope you guys vote on the other polls as well (and hopefully focus on everyone other than Eva.).

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