Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

More Poll Results Are In

Well, the fetish poll has now hit 100 voters. Let's see how things went.:

  1. Futanari: 39 (Funny since there's plenty of futanari-bashing going on at
  2. Bondage: 37 (It's funny how that lost the #1 spot. Many people come to my profile for bondage art.)
  3. Oral Sex: 31 (I guess people just like blowjobs.)
  4. Boobs: 30 (There's plenty of boobs to look at here.)
  5. Nudity: 27 (Odd since this blog is full of nude cartoon girls.)
  6. Yaoi and/or Yuri: 24 (So far, the majority of those who voted on the yaoi/yuri poll went with yuri.)
  7. Diapers: 23 (Are you guys trying to creep me out?)
  8. Petplay and/or Ponyplay: 20 (Funny since petplay and ponyplay are part of BDSM.)
  9. Titfucks: 20 (Come on. It's just sticking a penis between a girl's boobs.)
  10. Uniforms: 19 (Have you guys ever seen those French Maid and Schoolgirl outfits before?)
  11. Anal Sex: 18 (Better clean that thing up.)
  12. Furries: 16 (Why animals?)
  13. Hypnotism: 16 (Wouldn't people interested in some of the Kaa art be interested in this as well?)
  14. Sadism and/or Masochism: 14 (Um, aren't both of them part of S&M?)
  15. Tickling: 14 (Probably the most popular tame fetish on the list.)
  16. Feet: 12 (It's funny how this got the 15th spot since it was listed as the most common fetish.)
  17. Impregnation: 9 (Doesn't raw-dog sex cause this?)
  18. Lactation: 9 (Ever heard of breast milk?)
  19. Penises: 8 (Apparently, most of the people who come here are dudes.)
  20. Guro: 7 (Why the heck did seven of the 100 people choose this?)
  21. Inflation and/or Hyperphilia: 6 (Both are painful, so yeah.)
  22. Watersports: 6 (Urine? Really?)
  23. Bestiality: 5 (Animals? Again?)
  24. Asphyxia/Breathplay: 4 (Because who wants to sufficate?)
  25. Confectionaries/Food: 4 (I bet these people haven't seen food or dessert pin-ups before.)
  26. Death: 3 (There's plenty pics of naked girls hanged for some reason.)
  27. Miniature People/Microphilia: 3 (Isn't this one of those tamer fetishes?)
  28. Other: 2 (One person who clicked this said "Crossdressing" while the other person who clicked on it said "Ass".
  29. Giants/Macrophilia: 1 (Another tame fetish left out. It's a shame.)
  30. Scat/Feces/Poo: 1 (Do you know that pathogenic bacteria lives in that stuff?)
  31. Average Amount of Fetishes: 4.28 per person (More likely 4, less likely 5)
Well, there's the results. There are more polls on the right side of the page. The green polls are still waiting for votes, but the yuri poll, the pink Total Drama poll, and the maroon Total Drama poll are still waiting as well. Be sure to vote on those as well.

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