Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013

Poll Updated

Well, I updated one of the polls. If you ask which one, it's the Grojband poll. Yeah, I haven't necessarily thought about the Newmans, so I went back and updated the poll. Of course it required making a new poll since the site doesn't necessarily let users edit the answers of created polls.Of course I also added Cherry Grapestain in there since I figured that a cute girl like her could use some Rule 34 as well. Well, if you answered on the old version of the poll, I recommend answering this poll again because of the new options. I still went with Laney and Mina (who's cuter than Trina), but I also went with Cherry Grapestain (if you've seen the first segment of the first episode, you'll know who she is) since, well, she's hot for Chrissake. Anyhoo, enjoy, folks.

Of course I do not know who Cherry Grapestain's voice actor was, but I'm guessin' it's Rachel Wilson (Heather's voice actor). I dunno.

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