Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

Just Dominating a Couple of Ponygirls

Yeah, this is the first request I did for a Blogspot user. The user usually goes by the name Irrespondible, but on DeviantART, he is known as Zetastrophenow. Here, we have Zoey and Lindsay dominating ponygirls Courtney and Heather. Is it me, or does Courtney look adorable as a ponygirl? Anyhoo, I have Courtney turned to where her ass is showing because basically the camera crew always focuses the camera on her ass. Yeah, I'm trying the same thing I did for my NSFW Grojband fanart for the boobs of the TD girls. What do you think is better? This or the boobs that I've used on older Total Drama pieces? If you'd like a request, click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page and fill out the first form.

Also, check out the four latest polls. Two are normal polls while two are surveys/long polls. For the longer polls, click on the "Surveys" button at the top of the page and fill out each answer.

Also, for the red Total Drama yuri shipping poll, you should use the Other button for the ship(s) that you don't see.

Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

The Long-Ass Polls

Yeah, in case you feel like doing these polls from the Front Page, here they are.:

In case you don't see them here' there's always the "Surveys" button at the top of the page.

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Two New Polls

Well, I've created two new polls. One of the polls has to do with Total Drama yuri while the other one has to do with the girls of Total Drama Pahkitew Island. The yuri poll is in red while the other poll is in blue. Also, there is a button that says "Other" on the yuri poll. There are 650 possible ships, and only 13 of them are listed, so if there is a ship that you don't see in the poll, PLEASE click on the button that says "Other." If you could leave your answer for "Other," you may do that as a comment on this post, a post on the contact form (which is below the request form), or as an Email to my address. Well, there you have it, folks. For the Pahkitew Island poll, I went with Sky. For the Yuri poll, I went with GwenxHeather, GwenxCourtney, HeatherxLindsay, CourtneyxHeather, LindsayxBeth, ZoeyxAnne Maria, KatiexSadie, AmyxSamey, and BridgettexGwen.

Jumat, 18 Oktober 2013

Another Poll's Results Are In

Well, I've gotten more poll results. This time, it's for the poll about whether people like yaoi and/or yuri or not. This time, I went with 50 votes instead of 100 due to the landslide in yuri votes. Here they are.

1. Yuri: 36 votes
2. Both: 8 votes
3. Neither: 4 votes
4. Yaoi: 2 votes

Well, there ya go.

Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Well, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island's Cast is Revealed

Well, the new characters for Total Drama are revealed. Here's the storyboard if you ask.: http://www.scribd.com/doc/172602730/Total-Drama-Phakitew-Island-Season-5-Ep-105-Uh-So-This-is-My-Team-Act-II

What do you guys think of this?

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Next Poll Results

Well, the next set of poll results are in. This time, it's for the poll asking about Total Drama girls as sex slaves. Here are the results.

1. Lindsay: 31 voters (I guess you guys love to have a girl with big tits as a sex slave.)
2. Gwen: 30 voters (Well, she's the hottest girl on the show, I'll give you that.)
3. Courtney: 27 voters (She's a major hottie, I'll give you that.)
4. Bridgette: 23 voters (Who wouldn't want a relaxed, warm-hearted hottie like her as a sex slave?)
5. Heather: 22 voters (Hey, she might have the tightest pussy, so why not?)
6. Izzy: 19 voters (I'm warning you, she's totally random, so chances are she's probably sex-crazed.)
7. Zoey: 19 voters (I recommend gagging her with a nice, red ball gag.)
8. Dawn: 18 voters (She may be small, but she's still hot.)
9. Blaineley: 10 voters (Underrated hottie, here.)
10. Sierra: 10 voters (She's only good if she thinks you're Cody.)
11. Anne Maria: 8 voters (At least she got some big hips.)
12. Dakota: 8 voters (At least she's hot, except for that crazy-ass case of cancer.)
13. Katie: 7 voters (Yep, another underrated hottie)
14. Beth: 5 voters (Well, at least she's cuter than Eva)
15. Leshawna: 5 voters (Realistically, she doesn't "roll that way")
16. Sadie: 5 voters (Well, she's chubby.)
17. Jo: 4 voters (Eh.)
18. Staci: 1 voter (Well, she rambles all the time, but at least she's hot for a chubby girl, plus you could always gag her.)
19. Eva: 1 voter (Finally, she's in last?! About time you folks were reasonable about Eva. She makes Cloverfield look like Jennifer Lopez.)
Average votes per voter: 2.53 votes

Well, there you have it. I hope you guys check out the other polls.

Some CarriexLarry

So, if there is some CoreyxLaney Rule 34 pics, then why isn't there any of CarriexLarry? So yeah, this is a pic of Carrie and Larry doing it doggy-style. I had to make Larry's legs longer than normal for posing reasons (much like what they did with Trina's left arm when she blasted Grojband to some random boneyard with an amplifier). So yeah, here ya go.:

What? Someone had to do it eventually.