Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Next Poll Results

Well, the next set of poll results are in. This time, it's for the poll asking about Total Drama girls as sex slaves. Here are the results.

1. Lindsay: 31 voters (I guess you guys love to have a girl with big tits as a sex slave.)
2. Gwen: 30 voters (Well, she's the hottest girl on the show, I'll give you that.)
3. Courtney: 27 voters (She's a major hottie, I'll give you that.)
4. Bridgette: 23 voters (Who wouldn't want a relaxed, warm-hearted hottie like her as a sex slave?)
5. Heather: 22 voters (Hey, she might have the tightest pussy, so why not?)
6. Izzy: 19 voters (I'm warning you, she's totally random, so chances are she's probably sex-crazed.)
7. Zoey: 19 voters (I recommend gagging her with a nice, red ball gag.)
8. Dawn: 18 voters (She may be small, but she's still hot.)
9. Blaineley: 10 voters (Underrated hottie, here.)
10. Sierra: 10 voters (She's only good if she thinks you're Cody.)
11. Anne Maria: 8 voters (At least she got some big hips.)
12. Dakota: 8 voters (At least she's hot, except for that crazy-ass case of cancer.)
13. Katie: 7 voters (Yep, another underrated hottie)
14. Beth: 5 voters (Well, at least she's cuter than Eva)
15. Leshawna: 5 voters (Realistically, she doesn't "roll that way")
16. Sadie: 5 voters (Well, she's chubby.)
17. Jo: 4 voters (Eh.)
18. Staci: 1 voter (Well, she rambles all the time, but at least she's hot for a chubby girl, plus you could always gag her.)
19. Eva: 1 voter (Finally, she's in last?! About time you folks were reasonable about Eva. She makes Cloverfield look like Jennifer Lopez.)
Average votes per voter: 2.53 votes

Well, there you have it. I hope you guys check out the other polls.

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