Rabu, 27 November 2013

Adult Artwork and Me

Exerpt from my Newgrounds profile: "You see, while 80% of the adult crap I post appears fetish-y, I don't actually make them straight-up porn. What I usually do is add a little something to those silly things. For instance, if you've seen that pic of some of the girls from the Total Drama series blindfolded as ponygirls, you'd see that from left to right would be how they're ordered by when they were eliminated in the 5th season. As for the one before it, I placed Heather with Lindsay, as they were in an alliance in the first season. It's like a "Let the people think for a moment" kind of thing." While I uploaded the first ponygirl pic containing Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoey (as in all four being together) before the later one (all four being blindfolded as ponygirls), I just wanted to say that just because my art looks pornographic doesn't mean it's 100% pornographic. Just saying.

Minggu, 24 November 2013

Goth Girl Sex

Yeah, I wanted to draw some porn with both Laney and Gwen since they're both goth girls, so here ya go.:

Of course Laney's head looks far larger than Gwen even though Gwen's one foot (plus 100 micrometers) taller than Laney, but it's because of the art style used for Laney.

Kamis, 21 November 2013

A Kinky Challenge

Well, here's another Total Drama ponygirl pic.:
Yeah, this was requested by :iconzetastrophenow:, who is known everywhere else as "Irrespondible." So here's the scoop.:

You know this pic?: http://flashlight237.deviantart.com/art/Preview-Hot-Antagonistic-Ponies-409342134

Well, here's the thing. The first challenge was about ponygirl domination, so each team was given one hour of domination time, which was split up over two hours. Since Zoey and Lindsay are the only two hotties on the Hamsters, they were automatically pulled into the challenge, but to even things out, the Hamsters got to choose two hot girls on the Vultures. They chose Heather and Courtney. Since Courtney is on the Vultures, Duncan would by process of elimination be on the Hamsters. All four girls were then taken to a hidden room in the spa hotel, which is basically loaded with S&M gear. The Hamsters got first shot at domination, which lead to the events in the linked picture. When their hour was up, the Heather and Courtney were unbound and ungagged, only for Lindsay and Zoey to be bound and gagged later.

After the time was over for the Vultures, Chris delivered the results of the challenge. The Vultures won in domination, but the Hamsters overtook the Vultures in submission, so it's a 1-1. After that, Courtney and Heather were bound and gagged again by Chris's interns, and all four were blindfolded. All four were then taken to the coast of the island. The challenge for Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoewy was a blind ponygirl race, but guess what? The challenge is not based on who wins the race, but on what team got the most 1st and 2nd place bets right. Oddly enough, this went for the other five members of each team. This was what they went for:

Heroic Hamsters:
Cameron: Zoey (1) and Lindsay (2)
Duncan: Courtney and Lindsay
Mike: Zoey and Heather (Heather was suggested by Manitoba Smith)
Sam: Zoey and Lindsay
Sierra: Courtney and Heather

Villianous Vultures:
Alejandro: Heather (1) and Courtney (2)
Gwen: Courtney (Why not? She was trying to make amends with Courtney at the start of the season.) and Zoey
Jo: Zoey and Courtney
Lightning: Lindsay and Courtney
Scott: Courtney and Zoey

As stated by the brackets, they were ordered 1st then 2nd.

Duncan, Lightning, and Scott enjoyed seeing the girls naked, bound, and gagged, Sierra is capturing every moment of the race on video for her blog, Jo was talking about how she worked out in the nude and how bondage doesn't fit aerobic exercise, Alejandro was both attracted to Heather and concerned by the situation, Cameron, Gwen, and Sam are questioning as to why Chris would show that on Live TV (although Gwen was intrigued by the fetishism), and last but not least, Mike, or should I say Chester, was yapping about how BDSM didn't exist back in his day. Kind of stupid since I theorized that Chester was born in 1932 and Robert Bienvenu stated two sources of the origin of modern BDSM from 1928 (European Fetish) and 1934 (American Fetish).

Well, there ya have it, folks. By the way, the reward for the challenge is that the winning team gets to have the two girls from the losing team for 24 hours.

Rabu, 13 November 2013

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Porn

Well, Rule #34 says "If it exists, there's porn of it," so I'd might as well get this done. Yep, here are some girls from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Topher does look screwed up, but that's because the only view of him shown is his normal view, so the front view will look off, at the very least by width. Anyways, BEHOLD! The first Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Rule 34 pic!

What? I thought Sky was a Native American.

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