Rabu, 27 November 2013

Adult Artwork and Me

Exerpt from my Newgrounds profile: "You see, while 80% of the adult crap I post appears fetish-y, I don't actually make them straight-up porn. What I usually do is add a little something to those silly things. For instance, if you've seen that pic of some of the girls from the Total Drama series blindfolded as ponygirls, you'd see that from left to right would be how they're ordered by when they were eliminated in the 5th season. As for the one before it, I placed Heather with Lindsay, as they were in an alliance in the first season. It's like a "Let the people think for a moment" kind of thing." While I uploaded the first ponygirl pic containing Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoey (as in all four being together) before the later one (all four being blindfolded as ponygirls), I just wanted to say that just because my art looks pornographic doesn't mean it's 100% pornographic. Just saying.

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