Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

Analyzing The TD Girls' Breast Sizes

So yeah, I decided to do a little pixel-scaling to determine the breast sizes of the girls from Total Drama. Since the girls are too thin to have any form of realisticness and they aren't even three-dimensional, I used the elliptical (oval-based if you don't know what you're reading) calculations to determine their sizes. This is basically what I got.:

Character: UK size/US size/EU size
Lindsay: H/J/M
Heather: DD or E/D or DD/F
Courtney: DD or E/D or DD/F
Bridgette: C/B/C (Seemingly DD-cup in UK measurements when her swimwear is viewed from the normal view.)
Gwen: DD/D/E
Izzy: DD/D/E
Katie: D/C/D
Blaineley: F/DDD/H
Anne Maria:  F/DDD/H
Zoey: C/B/C 
Dakota: DD/D/E 
Dawn: D/C/D
Beth:  B or C/A or B/B
Jo: C/B/C
Eva: G/H/J
Sierra: DD/D/E or F
Leshawna: E/DD/F or G
Sadie: D/C/D
Staci: B or C/A or B/B

Yep, after a bit of calculating, these would be the approximate cup sizes of the girls of Total Drama. Of course due to the girls' heights, body widths, and band sizes, one set of breasts may look larger or smaller than another set of the same cup size. Other than that, there ya have it.

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