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Looking Back At A Few Things

Well, I was looking through my artwork on Paheal.net, and I was counting everything I have done in terms of NSFW art, minus a couple of edits and a few...... variants *cough*futanariisweird*cough*, and this is what I got.

Total Drama (listed as "Total Drama Island"): 27 (excluding variants, edits, dupes, and that one sketch I colored)
Grojband: 7 (excluding that one edit and that one dupe.)
Other: 4

Gwen (Total Drama): 9 (excluding both edits)
Courtney (Total Drama): 9
Lindsay (Total Drama): 7 (excluding one variant and that one sketch I colored)
Heather (Total Drama): 6 (excluding that one sketch I colored)
Fan-characters (Varies, but requires/required at least one canon character): 5 (no specifics)
Zoey (Total Drama): 4
Bridgette (Total Drama): 2
Carrie Beff (Grojband): 2
Dawn (Total Drama): 2
Izzy (Total Drama): 2
Jo (Total Drama): 2 (excluding variants)
Laney Penn (Grojband): 2
Mina Beff (Grojband): 2
Trina Riffin *cough*Satan*cough* (Grojband): 2
Everyone else I've drawn: 1 each (excluding variants)

Yeah, that's what I've drawn so far as of the time I wrote this post, and this was just what I've posted on Paheal.net.

Now, as for the cast of Total Drama, I'm expecting 7 new girls on the menu, six which I would consider to be hot, leading up to 18 out of 26 girls that would actually be considered "hotties." Basically, this is how I got things down.:
  1. Gwen: Yeah, I highly doubt this is disputable.
  2. Courtney: Well, it's a simple equation: Cute Girl plus Big Boobs (DD-cup to be precise)=Win
  3. Heather: Well, she is hot for one thing. With all reality, I think it's rather disputable whether Courtney or Heather are hotter than the latter.
  4. Lindsay: This would also have a low chance of dispute. It's fifth spot and lower where things get disputable. Of course Lindsay has the largest cup size, which happens to be G-cup (UK Standards).
  5. Zoey: Another one of these cute girls. Of course Zoey takes the #5 spot for me. Of course if this was a cuteness rating, I'd put Zoey as #1.
  6. Bridgette: Yeah, her facial appearance is almost similar to Gwen's, even though they both have differently-shaped heads. Of course Bridgette's boobs are likely the same size as Heather's (D-cups).
  7. Sky: What can I say? Though I think she's the hottest of the new girls, I still think Zoey and Bridgette are hotter.
  8. Blaineley: I think she's the hottest of the underrated girls. Though I think she stalemates with Bridgette, I'd might as well split this up a little.
  9. Ella: Well, she is a cute one, soo...
  10. Amy and Samey: Really, it's a stalemate between these girls and Dawn.
  11. Dawn: Well, she's a cutie, I'll hand ya that, but I think Zoey's cuter, plus Blaineley and Bridgette are both sexy.
  12. Scarlett: Although I couldn't actually get a clear inkling of her appearance, I'm guessing that she'd be around here.
  13. Anne Maria: Though I believe she stalemates with Dakota, something about the Snooki business made me put her above Dakota. Of course Anne Maria has DD-cup boobs and hips as large as Katie's.
  14. Dakota: Once again, Anne Maria had me. Of course I still think Dakota is hot.
  15. Jasmine: She's still hot, so shut it.
  16. Katie: What can I say? She's the shinier shoe of the pair.
  17. Izzy: Yeah, rather lowbrow move, but what can I say?
  18. Leshawna: Yeah, I think Leshawna is hot for a chubby female. Of course even though Leshawna is basically my 2nd favorite Total Drama character, it's rather doubtful that I'll dream about the chubby.
  19. Staci: Yeah, I know she's munchin' up shrooms or something, but I think she's hot for a chubby female also.
  20. Jo: Meh, what can I say?
  21. Sierra: Well, even though she's as tall as LeBron James (which Vaultman most likely by mistake didn't take into consideration in his bondage set), I don't think she's too attractive. I think she's more around Jo or somethin'.
  22. Sadie: Another one of these chubby girls. I don't really have anything to say.
  23. Sugar: Basically, she's the ugliest of the chubbier girls.
  24. Beth: Well, she probably got an appearance that'll most likely get her teased or something, but she's cute for a nerd, a chubby nerd in fact.
  25. Eva: Jeez Louise! She looks like as if Jennifer Mosley from Ned's Declassified (Yes, Lindsey Shaw is a good-looking actress, but I'm trying to make a point here) mutated with the King from the CD-I Zelda Games. 
Next up, there's the matter of requests. While I won't get the Christmas gifts finished on time, I'll withdraw any that has not been done before because basically, doing a Christmas gift after Christmas would be moodkill, plus I have some commissions to do (people pay a good amount of points for the stuff I do). Of course I'm running out of ideas, so I'm going to encourage you all to click on the "Contact" button because requests are "Capital O" open.

Lastly, there's the long polls. Normally, I would choose to either take polls off of the front page at either 50 or 100 views or if the poll(s) were to become one-sided, but for the long polls (which are found by clicking on the button that says "Long Polls" or the October blog archive), I'm kind of looking for a lower amount: Only 20. This is because these kinds of polls take more time than the polls I normally make, so 20 would make things easier.

Well, there ya have it, folks.

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