Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

More Ponygirl Action

So yeah, you know the pic that was requested by Zetastrophenow/Irrespondible that involved Lindsay, Heather, Courtney, and Zoey in some blind ponygirl race? Well, before that, he asked for a ponygirl pic of Bridgette, Gwen, Dawn, and Zoey of the same nature, only that I started it when it was close to Christmas. So yeah, unlike the last one, which would be one of the challenges if Total Drama All Stars was made more sexual, this one was sort of done when Gwen or Bridgette suggested about doing something kinky with Dawn and Zoey. Here's the pic.:

Of course since all four girls are bound and gagged, there had to be a fifth girl who bound and gagged the last girl. Perhaps it was Courtney, who is friends with Bridgette and perhaps Gwen, or maybe it was Heather because Gwen is her sex slave and Heather is Gwen's mistress. Honestly, I think Gwen's BDSM relationship with Heather is way better than their Total Drama relationship, probably because BSDM is more like a roleplay than a Survivor-related competition. Well, there ya have it.

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