Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

About Requests

Yeah, I need to make sure I get things straight, so here's a few points I need to make when you're requesting things. It may get rant-y, so read with caution.

1. Make sure you have AT LEAST your E-mail accessible. I got this guy named blice231, whose email and DeviantART accounts are both inaccessible. I need some way to contact you.
2. Check your messages. If you get a message from the address drawingmarc@gmail.com, that is me. I had this guy named Mr. Z who doesn't bother to check his E-mail and Furaffinity messages. It takes a few seconds to click on a note.
3. Get it over with. I made the Google Drive form to hopefully have you people request things right away so you won't have to take hours or days to get some tiresome negotiation done. I could get back to you as soon as I see your response that way.
4. NEVER provide too little detail. I got this one guy who just said "beastiality". How am I supposed to know what someone is asking about if he/she only provides one word? That'll just get me nowhere.

So yeah, hopefully this gets things worked out.

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