Jumat, 14 Februari 2014

Re-Analyzing the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Girls' Breast Sizes

Well, since the official rotations for all 2nd Generation TD contestants were revealed days before I managed to get a gander at them, I believe it's about time to re-analyze the breast sizes for the girls of the cast, minus Dakota since a rotation page of her wearing sunglasses had been around before such an event happened. Well, here goes.

Character: UK size/US size/EU size
Anne Maria: DD/D/E or F
Dawn: C/B/C
Jo: C/B/C
Staci: B/A/B
Zoey: C/B/C

From what I got Zoey's measurements are really the same, and I'm assuming that Jo would have the same measurements as well, but Dawn was measured out to be one size smaller, and Staci's B-cup measurement was more definitive. The assumption I had for Anne Maria before was made from using her normal view, in which her breasts were depicted to be larger than what I measured out from her rotation page. As it turns out, Anne Maria's cup size is two sizes smaller than what I've assumed.

Please note that I will use UK measurements in writing, especially since the Total Drama contestants are basically Canadians, in which the UK system is used for brassiere measurement.

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