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Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn Details

So yeah, since I'm halfway done with my part of the collaboration, I thought it was time to tell you guys about it.

You see, Total Drama: Universal Restraints Inn is a crossover-ish fanfiction that combines Total Drama with Universal Restraints Inn: a fictional hotel created by Richard Surraco, who is known on the internet as Irrespondible. The hotel itself is described in a short summary written in the first chapter of Total Drama: Universal Restraints Inn, but in the event that you couldn't access Furaffinity and the event that you do not happen to feel like going to Hentai Foundry because of pornographic ads, I'll tell you about the inn itself.

Universal Restraints Inn is a five-star hotel located within a palace in a location known to none but those who use Google Maps to look for everything. Really, I'd say "known to none" without that extra tidbit to stick with the creator's intentions, but Google is basically a surveillance system these days. As for the palace thing, although Irrespondible stated that the inn is set in a castle, the difference between a castle and a palace is that a castle is a fortified structure built as a defense system while a palace is a residential building for the rich. That and palaces have rooms that are primarily meant for comfort, which is the main thing a hotel, let alone a five-star hotel, should provide.

There are two sides of the inn, which are divided by a single chandelier hanging in the middle of palace's lobby (an element I had to make up so people could visualize the lobby). If you enter the palace, then the Angel Wing would be to your left while the Daemon Wing would be to your right. In the story, the wings are usually summarized by "The Angel Wing is where the five-star part's at. The Daemon Wing, not so much." The wings were originally named Heaven and Hell, as stated in the description for URI Chapter 1, which was published by Irrespondible back in April 2010.

Basically, the Angel Wing is an asylum-based area where the utmost of care is provided to the Inn's guests. Really, it's the most well-known part of the Inn, as I've seen more RPs about the Angel Wing than the Daemon Wing. The Daemon Wing on the other hand is more like a dungeon or a torture chamber. It's actually quite painful, which is why a guest would be greeted by a sort of warning (have you seen a "Contents May Be Hot" statement on a disposable coffee cup?). I've done a Daemon Wing roleplay with Chelsea, who is the great-grandniece of Louis (whose power is rivaled only by Trina Riffin) and one of my fan-characters. Trust me, she endured a lot of torture and pain.

The wing's employees are actually specialized by wing. The Angel Wing's employees would be dressed up as nurses and assistants (although the assistants are usually called "orderlies") while the Daemon Wing's employees would be dressed up as dominatrices, executioners, and riggers. The employees that will be seen depends on the wing that is chosen.

Oddly enough, the inn works a bit like pizza delivery in real life when it comes to guests; the guests call the inn, and the employees go to the guests later on. However, rather than deliver a pie, they deliver a set of restraints that resembles Irrespondible's favorite restraints: straitjackets and armbinders. Of course as Irrespondible and I discussed about Lindsay and Beth, I've learned that the basic transport package is a normal straitjacket. Completed, I determined that the basic package is a straitjacket and something like a sleep mask (you know, those blindfolds you may use before you go to sleep?), I mean "basic" means "simple" in a way. Of course I intentionally did not have Beth become gagged in Chapter 8 to maintain the basic package's simplicity. All-and-all, since there are no pizzas to cook, the inn's employees would arrive at the guests' doorsteps within five minutes.

Generally, if a guest registered for the Angel Wing, the employees would arrive with a limousine, which has a padded interior. Usually, how this works is, the orderlies would grab the guests and carefully-but-firmly binds the guests before they are blindfolded and, in most cases, gagged. The only people who were excluded from the gagging business as far as I could assume would be the couple in URI Chapter 1 back in 2010 and Beth from Total Drama. Lastly, the guest would be strapped to the back seat of the limo with a strange seat-belt system as far as I could guess. Sometimes, you'd write things that would be placed in the W part of a KWL chart.

On the other hand, the Daemon Wing would arrive to provide other means of transport, including limousines, vans, chest/trunks, and carts. Sometimes, a Daemon Wing guest would be forced to pull a cart, as I've learned while discussing with Irrespondible about Courtney and Heather. Basically, what a Daemon Wing guest would get is a domme that's quite demanding and, of course, men. Chelsea got a domme and two armored bears, but that won't affect Louis. The guest gets bound-and-gagged alright, but the process is rougher, whether it be the way the guest is handled or the tightness/air-tightness of the restraints. After that, the guest would either be placed in a chest or forced to pull a cart.

Of course there's nothing anywhere about how guests leave the inn, so I thought about using Alice and Jessica (Alice's mother) in a Angel Wing roleplay to figure that out. I'll let you know that both Alice and Jessica are a couple of my fan-characters as well. That and I ship them.

At the transport, the guest(s) would meet Ira, although I'm not crystal clear on whether it's the real deal or a hologram. If a guest was placed in the Angel Wing, Ira would greet the guest and tell him/her to have a nice stay. If a guest was placed in the Daemon Wing, however, Ira would provide a warning to the guest, although the guest is basically going to be in the wing anyway.

As for the inside of the wing, the basic Angel Wing room is much like a hotel room fused with an asylum. Of course since guests have to be restrained in most of the activities provided by the inn (in the infomercial, Ira stated that the practice of sport would be allowable), the remote is on the floor, quite literally I might add. Seriously, it's some sort of pad that functions much like a TV remote. Guests in the Angel Wing won't actually have to move around much, although I have no clue if there are any bathrooms in the wing.

At the Daemon Wing, guests are basically moving around like a herd of cattle grazing at the Great Plains. While the room the guests were supposed to stay in are metallic cells that feel cold to the touch since it's lined with metal and such, guests are often taken to torturous activities and devices. In the roleplay I had, Chelsea was placed in a set of stocks and her ass had to endure a pile of pain. That and she was tortured by a dildo machine. If anyone were to go to the Daemon Wing, I recommend falling asleep as soon as the employees decide to leave ya alone, unless if food is involved, which I recommend, as Toucan Sam would say, following your nose.

Okay, now that I got the inn described (unless I've missed or falsified something), allow me to tell you about the collab: Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn.

The synopsis of the story is this: Chris McLean, the host of Total Drama, negotiates a deal with Ira Spooner that has the girls of Total Drama spend two weeks at Universal Restraints Inn. Part I involves transporting the girls to the inn while Part II involves taking a gander at the girls during their stay at the inn.

The story starts around the time Beardo auditions for Total Drama Pahkitew Island. The end of Chapter 15 would be set at the same time Beardo makes his audition for Total Drama Pahkitew Island, making Beardo the first person to audition for the season.

At this time, nineteen girls and nineteen dudes have competed in Total Drama's five seasons, so the girls of Total Drama Pahkitew Island will not be transported to the Inn as guests. However, some cameos of the cast members from the season do exist. As the only personalities that are definite as of yet are Dave's, Leonard's, Scarlett's, and Beardo's personalities (in his audition, he attributes his sound-making to his shyness), there may be some discrepancies in the other TDPI contestants' personalities.

Amy and Samey will be Katie's and Sadie's best friends and the girls who will restrain Katie and Sadie and place them in the vehicle provided.
Beardo will trigger the silent release on the lock on Ezekiel's cage and audition for Total Drama Pahkitew Island in Celebrity Manhunt's recording studio.
Ella will appear as one of Universal Restraints Inn's employees.
Jasmine will appear as a volunteer ranger at the nature preserve Dawn and Bridgette will be taken to.
Scarlett will appear to audition for a fake contest, where she states that she will use the million dollars to host a math/physics show.
The appearances of Dave, Leonard, Max, Rodney, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, and Topher have not been determined, although it was implied that the fake contestants of Blaineley's show will be actual current/future competitors of Total Drama.

As for the status of the story itself, things will take a long time on Irrespondible's end due to his ADHD and some life issues, and Chapter 2 was one of the chapters that were delegated to him. On my end, I got finished with Chapters 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10. I'm not sure if Chapter 2 was started, as one of Irrespondible's PCs had to be taken in for repairs the week before this Blog post is created, but if his part of the writing is done on Sta.sh, then there won't be much worries as to having to back up the chapter. In the mean time, if you're a fan of Leshawna and/or Duncan, then you are free to go to my Contact page and ask for the full version of Chapter 10 while you're waiting for Chapter 2 to come.

As for the next chapter, I'll give you a couple hints.
1. If you read the quote “I think a certain red-haired beauty could be our first subject," you may have guessed that Zoey will be the first special guest.
2. Zoey will be transported in the restraints used in URI Chapter 1.

If you have ANY questions about Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn, please let me know.

Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn is available at Furaffinity and Hentai-Foundry.

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