Kamis, 01 Mei 2014

Just Something I Did

So yeah, I got bored, so I decided to use my interest in Total Drama bondage art to do this. Yep, here's Heather wearing various gags (13 in all.). Except for the tape gag (which was taken from Grojband), all of these are basically my own interpretation on what each of the gags would look like in Total Drama's art style. Here's the pic.:

I'll be honest, I felt the feather duster needs a few fixes due to the poor craftsmanship. Then again, there are no feather dusters in Grojband, plus I'm not sure if there are any in the Total Drama series or on Sidekick. You guys might want to help me with that one. Anyways, here's what I believe would be the favorite gags of the Total Drama girls.

Amy and Samey: Ball gag.
Beth: Maybe a cloth OTN gag.
Blaineley: Ponygirl Bridle
Bridgette: Tape gag
Courtney: Bit gag
Dakota: Ball gag.
Dawn: Muzzle gag?
Ella: Cloth OTN gag (or Ball gag in BDSM scenarios)
Eva: None
Gwen: Doesn't matter as long as it suits her fetish-y needs.
Heather: Ball gag.
Izzy: Doesn't matter as long as it suits her fetish-y needs.
Jasmine: Ball gag.
Jo: None
Katie and Sadie: OTN gag
Leshawna: Don't even bother.
Lindsay: Plug Gag (she believes it would make her look very submissive)
Scarlett: Feather-duster gag
Sierra: OTN-gag
Sky: Ring gag.
Staci: None
Sugar: None
Zoey: Ball gag.

Well, there ya go. The larger image is over here.: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/1359797

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