Selasa, 29 Juli 2014

Sky Sneezing

So yeah, this is a little something I made for :iconsudonz: . Here, Sky has the sniffles in basically the worst place to do so: Trina Riffin's bedroom. By the way, she'll need to pick that bra up. here's the picture.:

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014

Skirts... Pink Skirts...

Well, here's a picture requested by a DeviantART user named Bolliepuk. Here, Blaineley, Bridgette, and my fan-character, Chelsea, are tied up while wearing... Ella's skirt? At least I'm sure those skirts are Ella's. I don't know who else wore those things. Anyways, here's the pic.:


Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Porn?

Are people still going to my blog for that stuff? Man, the Pahkitew Craze, or so I call it, must have been one heck of a ride. Oh, and here's a higher-resolution version of that Amy and Samey pic.
The full size version is 1600x900.

Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

Bikini Babe Exposure

So yeah, this is a birthday gift for :iconkraaikop:. Here, Dawn, Zoey, and Lindsay are tied up at the beach, wearing Fairy Tail bracelets and other sorts of jewelry for whatever reason. No money was spent in the making of this picture; however, a certain bandana-wearing blonde is seen enjoying bondage a bit too much. Anyways, here it is.:

Oh, and here's an alternative version.: