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Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn Poster

Finally, I got this finished.

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This is what I have been working on for the entirety of August 2014. 29 characters (31 if Sandbag and the hidden character count), one picture, all for you guys and girls. Anyways, this is a group picture for the story Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn. From left to right, the characters are as follows: Jasmine, Ira Spooner (:devzetastrophenow:'s OC), Beth, Staci, Sky, Dawn, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, Dakota, Zoey, Ella, Leshawna, Lindsay, Heather, Heather's mother (who I named "Rachel"), Gwen's mom (who I named "Megan"), Gwen, Sandbag, Courtney, Jo, Izzy, Anne Maria, Eva, Sierra, Sugar (I'm killing it with fire!), Scarlett, Amy, Samey, Blaineley, and Geoff. Yeah, I got all 26 female contestants on this poster, plus a male contestant and two girls from bonus clips. Anyways, here are the girls.

Amy and Samey: In the series, Amy and Samey are twins. They both look identical, but Amy (the one with the mole) is a pushover who bosses Samey (the one without the mole) around. Samey, on the other hand, is a sweetheart who has little confidence due to Amy's influence. In the story, their In the story's sequel, Amy and Samey patch things up and eventually become an incestuous lesbian couple. No surprise considering that I support twincest.

Anne Maria: In the series, Anne Maria is a parody of Snooki from Jersey Shore. She is addicted to hairspray and spray tan, and she happens to be a girl who's all about the looks. In the story, Anne Maria gets taken to the Daemon Wing of the inn thanks to her sexual desire.

Beth: In the series, Beth is a friendly girl. Labeled "the Wannabe", Beth tries to communicate with others; however, Beth is not unwilling to stand up against mean-spirited characters such as Heather and Courtney. Her "BFF" is Lindsay. In the story, Beth spends time at the Angel Wing even though Lindsay got switched over to the Daemon Wing.

Blaineley: In the series, Blaineley is what you would expect from the stereotypical celebrity; she is a conceited TV icon who puts "juicy" events first. In the series, karma continues to drag Blaineley around, for she was forced to wear diapers. Nightmarish, isn't it? Anyways, Blaineley basically becomes an "adult baby," and as Yui Han said in Chapter 17, it'll take at least six days for Blaineley to adjust to the environment, which in turn may cause Blaineley to develop a strange fetish.

Bridgette: In the series, Bridgette is a compassionate girl. Bridgette is a surfer and a nature lover, but it is clear that she is one with the sea, for her biggest fear is being alone in the woods. Speaking of land, she is rather clumsy on land. In the story, Bridgette takes on the role of a "pet". Unlike what you'd expect from petplay, Bridgette's situation seems more... furry. Yep, furries.

Courtney: In the series, Courtney is known as the Overachiever. She used to be a CIT, and she may make the CIT statement once in a while, most often when questioned. Courtney is also bossy and competitive. In the story, Courtney is put in the Daemon Wing due to her distrustful nature. Little did Courtney know that being a CIT does not grant her a "Get out of Jail Free" card, so she'll be spending every minute of her two-week vacation.

Dakota: In the series, Dakota is one who wants to be famous. She has been known for posing for the paparazzi whenever they pass by, and her family is wealthy. Dawn revealed that the reason for Dakota's addiction to fame is Dakota's need for love. Dakota, however, gets the love she needs from a gamer named Sam. In the story, Dakota is back to her normal, non-mutated self after 18 months. Dakota reveals her reverted self in the Angel Wing.

Dawn: In the series, Dawn is a nature lover who wished to help "Mother Earth". Dawn has psychic powers, ranging from aura reading to levitation to predicting the future. In the story, Dawn went to the Inn thanks to Ira's trustworthiness. A new ability she developed in the story was analyzing one's alignment, and I'm talking the D&D kind (such as lawful neutral and chaotic good).

Ella: In the series, Ella looks like Snow White and behaves like her as well. Ella sings, communicates with animals, and is friendly towards people even if it's a complete jerk like Sugar. In the story, Ella works as an hotel attendant at the Inn. The attendants are dressed up as mental hospital workers in the Angel Wing.

Eva: In the series, one would advise staying away from Eva. Eva may be strong as a bull, but she also has a short temper. Even taking her iPod makes her go apeshit. In the story, Eva was put in the Angel Wing for the sole purpose of keeping her calm. Careful, guys!

Gwen: In the series, Gwen is a goth. Gwen holds an interest in art and astronomy. Gwen is also a fan of horror films and a strong believer in karma. Don't lock her in a closet, though, for she is claustrophobic. In the story, Gwen was shown to have an intense bondage fetish, which led to a vacation at the Daemon Wing.

Heather: In the series, if there is one quality that stands out, it would be her meanness. Heather behaves similarly to a high school "popular girl;" she is both pushy and manipulative. Heather will do whatever she could to win the million-dollar prize. In the story, Heather takes on an unexpected role. Contrary to the popular belief that Heather is a possible dominatrix, Heather was shown to be very submissive. Heather does what Rule 34 lore claims she likes best: oral sex. Heather eats out any pussy she could find, giving her the nickname "The Oral Whore." The information provided by her profile labels Heather "The Alpha Bitch".

Izzy: In the series, it is technically impossible to describe Izzy in just one word. While Izzy is a super-genius with an IQ of 188, Izzy is often quite loony. Sometimes, you may not understand what Izzy is saying or doing. In the story, Izzy spends her time at the inn as a guest and a trainee. The Daemon Wing's attendants are dressed up as dominatrices and riggers.

Jasmine: In the series, Jasmine is a wilderness expert. Like Sky, Jasmine is a strong believer in teamwork. Jasmine has been known for her leadership, as well. Other than that, Jasmine is, of course, a wilderness expert. In the story, Jasmine plays a minor role. She successfully helps Ira persuade Dawn and Bridgette to go to the Inn. If you ask how Jasmine was able to lasso Dawn, Jasmine had a lead brick under that hat.

Jo: In the series, Jo is a competitive jock. Jo is also rather overconfident, as shown in her audition tape. In the story, Jo is basically undergoing a workout regimen.

Katie and Sadie: In the series, Katie and Sadie are BFFs. Katie is a dark-skinned girl whose strong point is "heart". Sadie's strong point, on the other hand, is "brain." Both girls have been flirtatious when it comes to attractive men. In the story, Katie and Sadie shared the same room in the Angel Wing.

Leshawna: In the series, Leshawna could either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Leshawna is best known for being Heather's worst enemy, and boy did they feud. Outside of the whole Heather thing, Leshawna is relatively friendly if you happen to be friendly towards her. Of course you will expect her to use slang language along the way. In the story, Leshawna proved that her weight does not hold her back.

Lindsay: In the series, while Lindsay may be as attractive as a Playboy model, she does not have the brain to match that body of hers. While friendly, Lindsay is relatively stupid. Compared to other cartoon idiots (aside from Homer Simpson), she does have a sense of reason. I calculated Lindsay's IQ to be 81 after taking the fact that Lindsay has been in 8th grade for four years. In the story, Lindsay and Heather are lesbian lovers, which completely contrasts their series-canon relationship. Lindsay is on the submissive side of their lesbian relationship. While Lindsay was initially situated at the Angel Wing, she eventually follows her mistress into the Daemon Wing.

Megan (Gwen's Mother): In a bonus clip (she never competed), Gwen's mother, who I named "Megan" as a reference to Gwen's voice actress (Megan Fahlenbock) had a rather short appearance. From what is shown, Gwen's mother seemed to care for her daughter, even going as far as hiring a 13-year-old girl to act like Gwen for the sake of "being with her". In the story, Gwen's mother further expresses her love towards Gwen by ordering a two-week reservation at the Daemon Wing.

Rachel (Heather's Mother): While she never competed in the series, Heather's mother, who I named "Rachel" as a reference to Heather's voice actress (Rachel Wilson), was seen in a bonus clip. Heather's mother seems to be a girl who holds much interest in beauty. As quoted from the Character Families wiki article on Total Drama Wiki, "In Brunch of Disgustingness, Heather mentions that her mother always told her a lady can use a boost in the looks department, which turns out to be something her mother actually follows, as she mentions in the video log that her pedicures have not been as spiritual without her daughter around." Heather's mother had a small role in the story (up to Chapter 18 was planned), but in the sequel, Heather returns to the Inn after persuading her mother to try it out.

Scarlett: In the series, Scarlett is a super-genius who wishes to use the million-dollar prize for her education. She is a harmless girl who happ-- Just watch the video in the link provided so you won't have to deal with me spoiling the moment.:

Scarlett had a small role in the story, but retains the good nature described since the story takes place in the January between Total Drama All Stars and Total Drama Pahkitew Island (around the time frame of Beardo's audition).

Sierra: In the series, Sierra is perhaps the biggest fan of the Total Drama series. Sierra has a blog all about Total Drama, and she even knows information that would get her arrested, i.e. the contestants' dental records. Sierra has been obsessed with a nerdy boy named Cody even to the point of sniffing his shoe and and using his toothbrush. Sierra would even go apeshit when it comes to Cody. In the story, Sierra is both internet-deprived and Cody-deprived. This would most likely drive her insane, not that she already is.

Sky: In the series, Sky is an athlete with a dream of being an Olympics medalist. As a supporter of sportsmanship, Sky encourages teamwork and is strongly against cheating. The whole cheating thing is the main reason why Sky does not trust Sugar. In the story, Sky is a hardworking attendant at the Inn.

Staci: In the series, Staci only appeared in two episodes. Staci is known for two things: bragging about her family regardless of the falsehood of their achievements and being unable to swim. In the story, Staci's bragging was toned down a bit and she even made friends with Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Sugar: In the series, Sugar is as ugly as she looks. Sugar is based off of Honey Boo Boo, being a wannabe beauty pageant queen. Of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sugar possessed strong amounts of Six sins: lust (desires fame), gluttony (eats too much), greed (will do anything for the million-dollar prize), wrath (goes apeshit over Ella), envy (obviously jealous over Ella), and Pride (seems to only care about herself.). In the story's sequel, Sugar's ugly personality takes her on a trip to the Daemon Wing. Also, Sugar's hatred towads Ella is taken one step higher, for Sugar even plans on killing Ella to get her way (Snow White, anyone?).

Zoey: In the series, Zoey is a friendly girl. Zoey is initially shy, but she grows confidence over time. The Commando Zoey persona she takes on is vengeful, believing that only the fittest will survive. In the story, Zoey is put in the Angel Wing due to her friendly nature.

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