Minggu, 28 September 2014

I'll Need Some Feedback

So yeah, some of you may know about the erotic novel Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn. Well, since I wrote the fanfic, I decided to try to obtain somefeedback. If you care enough to help me improve upon the story, please click on the Feedback button. The more feedback I get, the more likely I'll improve. So yeah, there you have it.

Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Heather's Latex Caterpillar (Sort Of)

Yeah, another picture that I made for a DeviantART user named x--from--x. Man, I need to get my head straight. So yeah, Heather is pleasing her submissive, Lindsay. Lindsay is trapped in a sleepsack in this picture (well, the guy did ask for a girl to be cocooned.). Anyways, here's the pic.:

Minggu, 21 September 2014

A Set of Gags for Bridgette

Well, here's another gag compilation. This time, Bridgette is modeling for us.
As usual, I switched the 13th gag around. Enjoy.